• Lowered rolling stats time from 60 days to 30 days.


  • Changed Servers page to show a list of active servers.
  • Added realtime Play-by-Play display.
  • Linked to Play-by-Play from the Active Servers list.
  • Changed round detail to use relative time when showing objective time.
  • Fixed player list and server list sorting.
  • Added more signature styles and extensible framework for defining signature styles.
  • Various performance improvements.



  • Added Features About page.
  • Added current server status tool.
  • Updated Player vs. Player matrix detail popup.
  • Various minor bugfixes.


  • Dystopia v1.2 released on Steam. Stats reset.


  • Wrote some AJAX to replace the shadowbox in player comparison
  • Created a heatmap viewer to scroll through the levels


  • Added player opponent visualization displays: Wheel and Rgraph.
  • Wheel - shows top opponents, lines between players show players that have killed others. Darker blue indicates more kills.
  • Rgraph - shows top opponents and matchups within the group. Clicking on a player will re-focus the graph around that player. Connections (edges) link players that have killed (or been killed by) each other.


  • Added achievements. Achievements are shown on a player's summary page and listed on a player's awards page.


  • Added points, kills, deaths (per hour) to global class and player-specific class stats.